Instructions for Resident Fellows and College Directors

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Welcome to ResJobs online system for residential staff selection of the following residential staff positions:

Through this system, you will be able to review applications, schedule interviews, and submit your ranked list of preferred applicants.

Accessing the system

Using the system requires a valid SUNet ID and password. All RFs and CDs who have SUNet IDs and passwords should already have access to the House Staff/Interviewer section of the system and each part of each process will become available when necessary.

If you are an RF/CD who has a valid SUNet ID and password, but cannot login to the House Staff/Interviewer section of the system, please email the RA Selection Committee to notify us of the problem. If you are an RF/CD who DOES NOT have a SUNet ID and password (i.e., you are not directly affiliated with the University), but would like one, Residential Education can sponsor one for you. To request a sponsored SUNet ID, please send an email to the RA Selection Committee.

To access the system, login to the "House Staff/Interviewers" section of the ResJobs system at:

This link is also available at the bottom left-hand side of the front page of the ResJobs system at

This is your starting point for all your online selection needs. For further information on completing various tasks within the system, please review the following sections:

Contact Information and Getting Help

Questions and comments related to the selection processes themselves should be directed to the contacts and departments listed below for each specific process. For other technical questions and comments, please submit HelpSU ticket.




Peer Health Educator (PHE)

Vaden Health Services

Colin Campbell

RA/Manager/Theme and Focus Assistant

Residential Education

Resed Selection Committee

Resident Computer Consultant (RCC)

Residential Computing

Jennifer Ly

Resident Tutor (RT)

Center for Teaching and Learning

CTL Program Administrator

Resident Writing Tutor (RWT)

Hume Writing Center

Hume Writing Center

Row Student Managers

Row Office

Zac Sargeant

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Reviewing applications and scheduling interviews

Once you have logged into the system, you should a list of your available selection processes as well as relevant interview rounds within those processes. If interview schedule set up is available, click on the link for your interview schedule. You will be brought to the main page for your interview schedule. This page contains all of the tools you need to review applications, offer interviews, and set up interview dates/times.

In the "Applicants" section, you will be able to see three lists of applicants:

  1. The list of applicants to which you have extended interview offers
  2. A list of selected applicants who have expressed interest in your house
  3. A list of all of the applicants who have been passed on to this interview round

The third list contains links to each applicant's application materials. (In the first two lists, you can click on an applicant's name to jump down to her listing in the third list.) To view an applicant's application materials, click on the links to each part of the application listed under that applicant's name, such as the applicant's completed application form or recommendations submitted on her behalf. You can also click on the "PDF" link to download a PDF containing all of the applicant's materials.


You can also comment on applicants by using the "Add/View Comments" link next the applicant's name. For more information on this function, click here.

Making interview offers

Once you have reviewed the applications and are ready to extend interview offers to selected applicants, simply check the box next to each applicant you would like to interview and then click "Offer Interview to Checked." This will extend interview offers to the selected applicants and then those applicants will then be able to sign up for an interview date and time in your interview schedule.

If you would like to rescind an interview offer, simply check the box next to the applicant's name in the "Current Interview Offers" list and click "Remove Interview Offer for Checked." This will delete the interview offers for the selected applicants as well as any interview signups, freeing up an interview dates/times the applicants may have already signed up for or been assigned.

Setting up interview schedule properties

In the "Interview Schedule Properties" section, you can specify how many applicants you would like to interview at a time (the default is one) as well as a message to the applicants. This message will be displayed to applicants when they view their interview offers and go to signup for interview times. This is where you might want to include instructions on where to go or what to do to prepare for the interview.


When you are done editing these interview schedule properties, be sure to click "Save Changes" to save your changes.

Setting up interview dates/times

To set up interview dates/times, use the "Add Dates/Times" form in the "Schedule Dates/Times" section. Here you can create multiple interview slots at once by entering the interview date, what time the interviews will start, how many interview slots you would like to create, and how long each interview will be. For example, if you entered "1/1/1970" for the interview date, "9:00 am" for when interviews will start, "4" for number of interviews" and "30" for interview length (in minutes), the system will create four (4) interview slots on January 1, 1970 at 9:00 am, 9:30 am, 10:00 am, and 10:30 am.


If you would like to remove any existing interview slots, simply check the box next to the times you would like to delete and click "Delete Checked." This will delete the existing interview times, including any applicant signups (or assignments). (However, the interview offer is NOT deleted, so the applicant can sign up for or be assigned to a new interview time.)


Assigning applicants to a specific interview time

If you have any applicants who were not able to sign up for a time or you would like to simply assign a time to an applicant, click on the "Assign Applicants" links next to the desired interview time. This will bring up a pop up window that lists the applicants who are currently assigned to the time (if any) and the list of applicants to which you have already extended an interview offer. Use the form to assign the desired applicants to the selected time. You can also remove any interview time signups/assignments using this form. Once you are finished assigning applicants to the selected time, click on the "Close" link to close the pop up and the original screen with your interview schedule should automatically refresh, updating to reflect the new interview time assignment.


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Commenting on applicants

While reviewing applications, you may notice an applicant that you may want to bring to the attention of other RFs/CDs (for better or worse) or you may want to see what other RFs/CDs think about a particular applicant. In this new system, you can now comment on applicants and these comments will be shared with other RFs/CDs through the online system and you will be able to see what other RFs/CDs submit as well.

To add and view comments, click on the "Add/View Comments" link next to an applicant's name from the list of applicants in the "Applicants" section of any of your interview scheduling pages.


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Submitting your ranked list of preferred applicants

When you are ready to submit your ranked list of preferred applicants, return to the House Staff/Interviews home page and you should see the preferences part listed under your selection process. Click on the name of your house to edit your list of preferred applicants.

Once you have clicked on your house, you will see two lists: your list of already ranked applicants and the list of applicants that are available to rank. To add an applicant to your ranked list, simply click on the "Add to My List" link to the right of the applicant's name from the latter list.


This will add the applicant to bottom of your ranked list.

Once you have finished adding applicants to your ranked list, you can use the ranked list form to edit each applicant's ranking (reordering them) or use the "Remove" link to the right of an applicant's name to remove them from your list.


Remember to assign each applicant a unique and consecutive ranking.

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