General Help

Questions and comments related to the selection processes themselves should be directed to the contacts and departments listed below for each specific process.




Ethnic Theme Associate (ETA)/Academic Theme Associate (ATA)/Focus Assistant (FA)

Residential Education

ResEd Theme Team

Graduate Community Associate (CA)

Graduate Life Office

Marcela Chaverri

Peer Health Educator (PHE)

Vaden Health Services

Colin Campbell

Peer Tutor, including Resident Tutor (RT)

Center for Teaching and Learning

CTL Peer Tutor Selection

Resident Assistant (RA)

Residential Education

RA Selection

Resident Computer Consultant (RCC), including Row, Dorm and Graduate RCCs

Residential Computing

Sherwin Smith

Row Student Managers

Row Office

Zac Sargeant

Summer RA

Residential Education

RA Selection

Writing Tutor, including Resident Writing Tutor (RWT)

Hume Writing Center

Clyde Moneyhun

Please submit HelpSU ticket for all other general or technical questions and comments.

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